Možina’s house – apartments

Šentjošt nad Horjulom is a village at the doorsteps of Ljubljana in the heart of Polhov Gradec Hills and is a place with a rich history. Once here was a pile dwellers hunting ground, a Celtic settlement, a Roman trade route, a working place for medieval fresco painters, a starting point of the soldiers leaving for the Battles of the Isonzo and a place of the first village guard in the Second World War. But we, as a modern travelers, decided for this place for gourmet reasons. We didn’t want to drive home. So we, according to the recommendation of the chef at the Grič restaurant, where we had a dinner booked, found out about Možina’s house.

Možina’s homestead was once a property of 106th hectare land and it was the wealthiest homestead in the Šentjošt area. It has a rich history, its first written mention is from 1625 and the year of reconstruction (1842 and 1892), written on two stone entry portals, testify of truly enviable age of the house. By the 1990s, it was inhabited and the house was left alone. From all the homestead only the house was left of property. The village and its cultural heritage life was brought back by the current owner Peter in 2003 who restored the house. The renovation lasted for 15 years.

There are four apartments in the house. We were staying in the smallest, but it was more than enough for us. In it was a spacious room with a living room, kitchen and a bedroom with a bathroom. There was nothing missing in the kitchen, since it was equipped with all kitchen accessories. We were pleasantly surprised that the refrigerator was very well stocked with food. In addition, fresh bread, cornflakes and a package of Gorenjka’s sweets were also waiting for us. We felt very well in the apartment, because it was well equipped – its furniture reflected the history of the house and its rural style.

The owner Peter and his daughter welcomed us very nicely. Mr Peter is a pleasant interlocutor with which we could chat for hours and hours. We gladly listened to his story about how his desire to restore the Možina’s house developed from idea to realization. We believe that people like Mr Peter can all show us how much can be achieved through love and perseverance.