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Mehle Travelers

Hello! Is this the first time that you are on our blog? If you are, let’s introduce ourselves. We are Suzana and Sebastijan with daughter Ana. We are a traveling family and travel represent an important part of our lives.

At the same time we are also big foodies. Delicious food means much to us both at home and on trips. We love to go to a good restaurant, enjoy street food, and love markets where we truly go into the country’s cuisine where we travel.

We all adore nature. We often rediscover it through Ana and see it through different eyes.

On journeys, we like to get in touch with the locals, and, if possible, we also stay for a while. This gives us a clearer view of the reality of their lives.

Our biggest adventure so far has been a nearly five-month trip to Fiji, where we have expanded our horizons and found that we do not need much to live.

sebastijan mehle


My first travel steps are kitesurfing travel to Egypt and Greece, but the real traveling started with trip to Fiji and Samoa in 2008. Since then, travel to this part of the world has become my biggest passion. Fiji became my second home and a springboard for journeys to (yet) more remote islands, such as Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga and Tuvalu. I went on a trip twice a year, because I was attracted by the distance of the islands and the affection to these places, which, in fact, I can not even explain it well.

Then Suzi came to my life. I remember the day when we met how she smiled mischievously and listened to all my travel stories with interest. From the very beginning, she understood my travel passion and shared it with me. We became a couple, and in four years she became my wife and gave me another great love, our Ana.

Through years of trips for two, we were delighted to plan trips to nearby and distant places. With the birth of Ana, we discovered the magic of family trips where we learned a lot of important things about our relationship and our common family life, which we live (also) through travel.

suzana mehle


My travel history is not as rich as Sebastijan’s, but I’ve been interested in travel for ages and I wanted to see every bit of the world. When we met, his storytelling attracted me so that when I was listening to stories I could actually imagine how I traveled with him.

Together we traveled to a lot of places and my passport is doing very well .

Bali, Barcelona, ​​Dubai, Fiji, Italy, Kiribati, Crete, Morocco, New Zealand, Thailand and Turkey are the destinations we traveled partly alone, and some with our Ana.

There are a lot of unexplored places that we want to see and we are just waiting to discover them as a family together.

ana mehle


With Ana, we first made our way to the road at the age of three weeks and we are glad that today she is a real little traveler. There is no greater satisfaction than watching her genuine childish curiosity and enthusiasm while exploring our beautiful planet.

Through her travels, she has learned a lot … Travel with her is something of the most beautiful, but sometimes, we admit, even some of the most stressful. We believe that the stories we write in our adventures will remain in her subconscious and give her everything she needs in  life. We’re happy she chose us to be a part of her life.