Illusionist from Ribnica

People from Ribnica have already been recognized as manufacturers of wooden wares. They were selling it around all empire since 1492, when Emperor Friderik III granted the Pedlar’s License – a free trade document. With such a rich history, it is not surprising that David is very proud of his roots, which, as he himself says wisely, owes his own surname: Lesar.

With its brand BioSing – BIO SALAMI ENGINEERING, it is doing something famous and completely new in Slovenia. He already thrives on it very well now, and we believe that this success will only intensify. His meat products are light years away from classic meat products, intended for people who know how to appreciate taste, story, quality and enjoy every minute of it. As a technologist in a food industry, he got a lot of experience and, on the basis of his knowledge, returned from industrial production to the level of craft art. He dropped all the additives and added them to the healing value in addition to the natural. Due to natural fermentation with naturally micro-organisms, BioSing products contain many probiotics. They are made almost exclusively from the pork of the heirloom variety of Krško Polje – containing many unsaturated fatty acids and less cholesterol than the meat of farm pigs – in combination with beef or venision (deer, bear).

Carefully selected meat is processed at the right lunar phase, and it is not grounded, but cut into cubes. Salami and sausages are then partially naturally smoked: the beech smoke is cooled in clay underground tubes, in order to preserve esters in it, which give the product a gentle flavor. The naturally clay chambers, six meters underground, make sure that through the natural ventilation and temperature control the hyphae of the white moulds can naturally grow through the casings and release enzymes. They make sure the product has its own distinctive flavor and taste. BioSing products are intended for tasting and merging with premium wines. It’s amazing how David has a richly stocked wine cellar. You can not buy many wine specialties in ordinary shops as well as his products. They require top-notch service. They are cut with a special timber cutter and served on the BioSing SERVIR serving set. Tasting always takes place from left to right: it starts with ORGANIC ZASEKA and VENISION SAUSAGE, and it grows with more demanding and maturing products, which are combined with perfectly caught premium wines. We were most surprised at the five-year maturing salami with a bear, which perfectly merged with the glass of Renčel Negra.

David convinced us of the taste of his meat products and proved that he is an illusionist, light years ahead, with his sausages, salami, organic zaseka and other products… His products are boutique, they deserve a high price and respect from a person who understands his vision and very appreciates.


– David Lesar