Illusionist from Ribnica

People from Ribnica have already been recognized as manufacturers of wooden wares. They were selling it around all empire since 1492, when Emperor Friderik III granted the Pedlar’s License – a free trade document. With such a rich history, it is not surprising that David is very proud of his roots, which, as he himself says wisely, owes his own surname: Lesar.

7 fairytale destinations

We present the places that made a great impression on us and we would return without hesitation with the goal of making even greater use of the architectural and natural attractions that they offer. We adore the natural beauty of the landscapes and the specificities of places or towns. Each of them has its own energy and features that make it so unique, special.

Možina’s house – apartments

Šentjošt nad Horjulom is a village at the doorsteps of Ljubljana in the heart of Polhov Gradec Hills and is a place with a rich history. Once here was a pile dwellers hunting ground, a Celtic settlement, a Roman trade route, a working place for medieval fresco painters, a starting point of the soldiers leaving for the Battles of the Isonzo and a place of the first village guard in the Second World War. But we, as a modern travelers, decided for this place for gourmet reasons. We didn’t want to drive home. So we, according to the recommendation of the chef at the Grič restaurant, where we had a dinner booked, found out about Možina’s house.

Stop the time

We called our tour around Slovenia “Stop the time”. On El Camino it turned out that when we walked, we make good use of our time together, so we decided to discover our beautiful green country the same way and enjoy its natural beauty. Before we got on the road, we chose a few places along the way, and in the following we will explain why we decided for them.