“Normal life”

Every now and then I get some stockpile of wood under my feet, I listen to how we are irresponsible because we do not go to work, we do not build a house, we do not have a car and still live on the ground floor with our parents. And above all, we are constantly traveling around for the whole year!

It would be better to upgrade our savings into a big loan and play a good role for the clans of members of society who are not only pleasing to parents and neighbours, but also to all the uncles and aunts in the third, fourth and fifth knee. It would be better if we spend with Ana just few hours a day when our schedules would be accidentally crossed – possibly pushing a full cart of “urgent” things in a shopping mall. It is the last time to apply for this all-powerful life loan and ignore the fact that at one time, most probably, we will not be able to repay it at all, and to buy ourselves the best car, latest phones, annual summer holidays on the Croatian coast and winter vacation in Austrian ski resorts and a famous extension to an already too large two-storey house of parents.
Let’s just be normal.
To be finally aproved by the rest of society. And only at a late age, waiting to die, we wondered why we were pushing for all this.So that no one else will add the fact that we are not currently working, we do not currently build a house, we currently do not have a car and at the moment we still live on the ground floor with our parents. What should be the least of a problem, since this is a very well-established practice in Slovenia …

We believe that people, too often, every day think about how we will spend our free moments, but we continue to ignore the heart, we do things because we need to, not because we want them or because we enjoy them. Under similar pressure as now, we felt when we wrote the blog Irresponsible Parents. But we are well aware that we are more than excellent and responsible parents with predominantly clear (and sometimes only partially cloudy) goals and the future. Ana and each other we were able to give much more in this year of traveling than in all previous years. Our dreams are slowly assembled together in the image that we have sketched. We know how we want to be like parents, as a marriage couple and above all, a happy man and woman, surrounded by people who will appreciate and support us.