Eco farm and restaurant Repovž

We had been thinking about the weekend at Repovž for a long time now, because we wanted to enjoy good food and a great selection of wines. These days we were looking forward to like little kids of a new toy. From previous visits, we knew very well what to expect from dinner, but they positively surprised us, despite high expectations.

The whole experience could not be better, so we give them a special rating – instead of five apples / three stars / etc. they get our sincere and happy hearts. Thank you for making our weekend like a fairytail! For dinner we chose a five course menu, which was just right for our stomach, accompanied with Gravner’s Breg year 2007. The courses followed slowly, starting with the greeting from the kitchen: bread with tomato, goat ricotta and pumpkin oil.

The cold appetizer was a board of various thinly sliced ​​meat (sevnica salami and lardo bacon) and three types of cheeses (goats, cows and sheep) with pate from rabbits liver. On three small plates were tatars (trout, beef with buckwheat and beetroot); on the fourth, especially patented, the ham and two of BioSing salami: the first in the combination of pork and beef, and the other in a combination of pork and bear. Because of their special story, we also want to visit them.

Two warm appetizers followed: the first were ravioli with goat ricotta, chard, cheese crunch and cheese foam; the other included beans with cracklings and cream, pumpkin sauce, porcini mushroom and purple potatoes. For the main dish they served the dried lamb’s chest, rolls with cottage cheese, red beetroot and carrots, which confirmed the escalation of the tastes of the previous courses and even more stimulated our appetites for the dessert, which is always a star in Repovž …

For dessert Suzana had tarragon ice cream, chocolate and raspberries, and I had elderberry foam, gelatine of modra frankinja and a frost of home-made ice tea.

Our dinner was coming to an end, so we drank the last drops of orange wine and giggled to our room. We were very happy that we also slept in Repovž. We liked the room with a comfortable bed so much that we also missed the morning invitation of bells to the Sunday mass. We slowly went for a breakfast, which we can say that was the best breakfast ever. We were not in a hurry because we (after a looong time) spent one of the most beautiful weekends for two.

Šentjanž, also known as the bouquet of Dolenjska, is a village surrounded by unspoiled nature, rich cultural heritage and friendly people who take care of the authenticity of this little land of Slovenia. Among the hills of Dolenjska, covered with vineyards, are plantations of organic orchards, and the center and pride of this village on the hill above Sevnica is surely a eco-farm and restaurant Repovž, which proudly preserves the roots of its ancestors, writes a successful story of a family Slovenian restaurant and transmits it among Slovenian foodies. We hope that a good voice goes all around, because this pearl, hidden among the hills of Dolenjska, deserves more than that.