Kenda manor

At Kendov Dvorec we are bound by special memories that we will never forget. The first time we visited was on Valentine’s Day. We still remember how it was then and how we promised that we would regularly go to this hotel.

And it happened that in the same year, in September, we visited a mansion in order to reserve the term for our wedding in this beautiful place.

So we confirmed our love even more in June of next year, and we knew that we could not better choose, because from the very beginning, deep in our hearts, we knew that it was the right place for our wedding.

So we returned to Spodnja Idrija at least twice a year, but not because of the beauty of the Idrijca River and also because of the Idrija Lace Festival. We do not want to do the injustice to the town and its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, but we must admit that once we crossed the doors of the mansion, we became the happiest people on earth.

We can not describe exactly what why we feel so happy there. Perhaps it was the staff, food, or all the little things and details in the rooms. And Hana’s garden is so beautiful with all the  French hydrangea and vibrant colors.

The best time to go is in summer when you enjoy the sunny morning or the warm evening in the embrace of nature and divine good food accompanied by quality seaside wines. Or in the winter, when the snowflakes are falling outside and inside the mansion the warmth of home and personal happiness flows.

The last time we visited the mansion, the staff changed little, but we believe that the philosophy of the hotel will remain the same. If you are looking for a special place to relax, have a romantic wedding or just a candlelight dinner, Kendov Dvorec is right for you.

Quickly go to Spodnja Idrija or for start just on their new website. We will visit them at the first opportunity that will be offered to us. We can’t wait!!


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