Where to stay and eat in Canggu

Canggu is the best and most beautiful place for us in Bali, where we could easily spend weeks or even months. Are you interested in why?

Where to stay?

We were staying in a beautiful, well-arranged and very spacious villa with a large spacious room, bathroom and kitchen, which is intended for all guests of the villa. Villa Rangga Bodhi lies around the best cafes and also not too far from the beaches. Scooter takes you past the rice fields along the side streets and you have already reached Echo Beach and Batu Bolong Beach. Try the surf boards there, or just enjoy by the sea or in it.

Where to eat?

There are good restaurants and dining areas in Canggu, so you need to take a few more years to visit them all. We stepped into some of these and we were delighted with the quality of food and service.

1. Ruko Cafe is a hippie gathering place with a very rich selection of breakfasts made from gluten free foods and vegan brunches, most of the time the dining room is fully occupied and open only until four in the afternoon.

2. Bali Bowls and Smoothies is another great place that we recommend for an excellent and healthy breakfast. As a special feature, there are guided morning yoga courses with a breakfast included. That includes delicious and healthy smoothies, and your body will be reborn, full of health.

3. Kinoa is located near Echo Beach in a beautiful location with a beautiful garden. We ordered really divine delicious smoothies with salmon salad. In the end, we we had a dessert, a chocolate pie.

4. Cloud 9 we discovered last year when we first went to Canggu and fell in love with its location surrounded by beautiful rice terraces and a paved walkway. You can watch surfers on scooters with boards after a long day on waves. That’s why this place is suitable for them and also for all the other guests who like to enjoy good smoothies and burgers by the names of surfing waves and delicious healthy breakfasts. But if you want to get a little bit more, they also have shisha.

5. Banh MI and Beans is a small place where Vietnamese delicious sandwiches and noodle bowls are served in many ways. It’s a place for those who want something good and a quick snack. Meals are simple but very tasty and freshly prepared, which is most important.

6. Mades Banana flour bakery is a small bakery where they have pastry, confectionery and gluten-free bread. They also have two small tables in front of the bakery where you can dine, have a delicious coffee and taste their gluten-free pancakes.

We really fell in love in Canggu. We love the energy of the whole place. The choice of restaurants and locales where they advertise healthy eating habits everywhere. The beaches and waves are nearby inviting you to enjoying the sea.


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