Honeymoon on Cyclades

Are you wondering where to go to your honeymoon and enjoy the local taverns with the most beautiful views? Admire the sunshine from the top of the slopes of a long-lost volcano and walk along the narrow streets of scattered white blue houses? You probably already know the answer which place it would be. Yes, Santorini! The island of many boutique hotels scattered along steep peaks of wonderful places such as Imerovigli and Oia.

The view from the top to the tranquil sea is captured in the lunes of a steep shore shape and takes over and immediately fall in love. When choosing a hotel, we advise you to book at least half a year in advance.

Unfortunately, prices in Oia and Imerovigli are high due to a special location and view. But at least once in your life it’s worthwhile to look a little deeper into a wallet  and truly enjoy the days that are really wonderful on the island.

If one of you hesitates between tropical destinations and Santorini simply because of the fact that Santorini is just the Greek island, you can say that you can enjoy it more and afford a lot more for this money that you would spend on air travel to tropical Islands.

We flew from Milan to Mykonos, where we spent three nights in the beautiful Myconian Ambassador Relais & Chateaux Hotel. It lies on the southern part of the island of Platis Gialos with the same name of the beach, which at that time offered many empty spaces and crystal clear sea. We were in a wonderful white spacious room with a jacuzzi and a beautiful view of the bay. The atmosphere of the hotel and around it contributed to the passage of these days very quickly.

Nevertheless, we were very happy with the hard-to-see visit of Santorini. We boarded the SEAJETS hydro-powerboat and arrived after a good two-hour drive to the main port in Santorini. There we found a taxi in a crowd of people and cars, who drove us to the most beautiful and most famous village with the best sunset view in the world, Oia.

For the first four days we stayed at the Kirini Santorini. The hotel is located on one of the most beautiful locations in Oia. Each apartment offers real luxury with incredibly soft beds and a stunning view of the caldera. The hotel also has one of the best restaurants with divine delicious food and a rich wine list of local and also foreign wines. During this time, we also visited the most famous wine cellar Domaine Sigalas with high quality Mediterranean varieties of wines such as Assyrtico, Aldani, Athiri, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano.

Despite the fact that Oia lies high above the sea, you can still find beautiful corners where you can swim in the crystal clear sea. Amoudi Bay and Katharos beach are an ideal place where you can swim and taste very delicious Greek dishes. Amoudi Bay is famous for its many good taverns with fresh seafood, and Katharos lounge lies above the eponymous beach with a beautiful view of it and even better food.

In the following days, we moved a little further along the promenade to the hustle and bustle of Oie, to the next Hotel Atrina Canava 1894. When our luggage, Kirini’s staff led to our next hotel, we were already  in a cool studio with scents of the fresh Aegean wind. In those days we also went for one-day sailing, which was held in a very relaxing society. We stopped at Palea Kameni, jumped into cold water and swam to the hot springs of yellow cloudy water with the smell of sulfur in the air.

Before we jump into the sea, the crew gave us a warning that white-colored swimwear became an orange piece of linen. I didn’t listen, so the white swimwear became orange blue.

We sailed along the caldras to the red and white beaches and stopped there for swimming and snorkeling. When we were all cheerfully swimming in the sea, we caught the good smell from the boat and quickly ran for the great Greek feast. When we were all pleased we dragged our belly back, we slowly went with the wind in the sails.

We were also awaiting the sunset from the sailing boat in the far west of the island near Amoudi Bay, where it is also the most beautiful place to observe the latest sun rays that are drowning in the calm sea. For us it was one of the most beautiful days on a wedding trip and we will always remember it.

We should not forget to mention the place where the best gelato is served. Lolita’s Gelato was the place where we regularly visited at least once a day or even several times.They have a delicious ice caps of various flavors.

The week of our enjoyment with good food and views of the scenic scenery of Santorini came to an end. In the afternoon we went to Imerovigli, who is as beautiful and magical as Oia, but a bit smaller and more calm. That’s why we said that next time we will spend more time there too.

The next day we were already on a hydro speed boat on our way back to Mykonos and we were happy about the last day on the island. We walked through the narrow streets of the capital. We glanced through the main sights, Little Venice and windmills, standing on a hill above the city. Of course, there was no lack of delicious Greek food and an incredible choice of excellent restaurants that invite and cheated us despite not being hungry. Well, he still found some space in our stomach.

Therefor, dear fiance, if this year you intend to get married and you still don’t know where to go to you honeymoon, you will be excited by reading our thoughts. You will be imagining beautiful white grey terrace with the most beautiful view of the tranquil sea like mirror. And with one hand you will hold a glass of a good wine, and with your other hand your new husband or wife, looking forward of life that is coming towards you.



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